Levis x Filson Collection DSC_0006_CMYK-scr.jpg

Hot on the heels of their partnership with Brooks Brother Levi’s have launched of a small capsule collection produced in collaboration with Seattle-based outdoors outfitter Filson. Unlike the BB collaboration which seemed a little like an arranged marriage, this one appears to be much better fit as both brands have a rich heritage in workwear. And of course, looking like a turn of the century huntsmen is a big look in menswear this year so this combination makes great fashion sense as well. As well as bags and hats the collection will feature denim jacket such as the Levi’s Trucker Jacket made with Filson’s sturdy oil finish Tin Cloth (shown above). The collection is available now at levi.com and filson.com and retails from $50 to $228.

Levis x Filson Collection levis-filson-shirt.jpg
Levis x Filson Collection levis-filson-workwear-jacket.jpg