Brand To Watch: Sold Design Lab SOLD08.jpg

Sold Design Lab jeans are made by the 1721 Group, the same people that started L.E.I. some 20 years ago. What caught my attention was that the seam on the outside of the jeans’ upper legs is strategically placed slightly towards the front, which gives you a slim, sexy silhouette. They come in a high heel bell (shown above), which is a flare jean with extra long legs so you can wear your highest heels. All styles come in pull-on stretch with a closure button but no zipper

I tried on their skinny jeans in a size M – I am usually a size 28 waist. They felt very comfortable, just like leggings, and the hem placed more at the front of the leg really made a difference, more slimming down. I am certainly sold! They retail for under $100 and are available in Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman.

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