Taylor Momsen in Miss Sixty Denim Shorts -Taylor-momsen-Miss-sixty-denim-shorts-jt1.jpg

Taylor Momsen makes an appearance in POP Magazine (fully clothed) in all her badassness (yes that’s a word). Taylor is such a rebel that she goes to photoshoots and poses in her own Miss Sixty Denim Shorts. Hopefully she will get through the Nicole-Richie-teenage-angst-period and migrate into the Nicole Richie-Rachel-Zoe-Dresses-me-phase.

I can’t deal with anymore of her I don’t give an EFF attitude. I mean this girl can wail so I don’t really comprehend the contrived and put on attitude. I get it you are a rockstar and you are like really really mature. But please for the love of all things fashionable, put some pants on. Everyday.

Taylor Momsen in Miss Sixty Denim Shorts -Taylor-momsen-Miss-sixty-denim-shorts-jt2.jpg