Diesel Black Gold Spring 2011 Menswear & RTW -diesel-black-gold-denim-menswear-rtw-spring-2011-1.jpg

Inspired by a trip out West, Sophia Kokosalaki dispatched an earth-toned, crafty collection of great leather blazers/bombers, pastel colored cut-off shorts and wide leg jeans for Diesel Black Gold‘s FALL collection…. hmmm wait… did I say Fall? I thought it was the new Spring line??? Apparently that does not matter to Kokosalaki.

And just like in Marc Jacobs new collection, this line-up clings to the 70’s for inspiration. And continuing to connect the dots of denim design of yesteryear, the 90’s grunge fashions were inspired by the 70’s as well. I mention this because the current themes of NYFW happen to be a immense disco sliding into grunge feeling.

Diesel’s Black Gold collection consists of these key elements: Tiny Rolled-Up Shorts, Wide Leg Jeans, Light Weight Denims, High-Waist lines, Earth Tones and Pastels with Leather Jackets. And gentleman all your jeans appear to be sitting like the classic 501’s.

Diesel Black Gold Spring 2011 Menswear & RTW -diesel-black-gold-denim-menswear-rtw-spring-2011-2.jpg

Diesel Black Gold Spring 2011 Menswear & RTW -diesel-black-gold-denim-menswear-rtw-spring-2011-3.jpg


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