Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2011 -frankie-morello-spring-2011-rtw.jpg

Frankie Morello brought us a sensual yet casual collection at Milan Fashion Week where the models worked beach blown hair, flirted with the photographers and shook what their momma gave them! This collection screams I am sexy, laid back and relaxed.

Models smoked cigarettes and drank beer as they walked the sandy path. Designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti said the mise en scene fell somewhere “between mirage and reality” for their spring/summer 2011 collection. Denim met chiffon in a jean miniskirt with a long cream train, or in breast-revealing tops over micro-shorts and sexy cut outs. And if they felt a piece was in an expected shape, they stitched it on to the models in a rather unconventional fashion.

By far my favorite show of the season. Full stop.
Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2011 -frankie-morello-spring-2011-rtw1.jpg

Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2011 -frankie-morello-spring-2011-rtw3.jpg