G-Star S/S 2011 Show: Behind The Scenes CIMG0796.JPG

The G-Star Raw Show is always one of the highlights of New York Fashion Week for denim fans, so I made sure to get there early to capture the energy and excitement. Although I wasn’t officially invited backstage, when I saw my opportunity I took it and went behind the curtain where all the pre-show action was taking place. I had my camera ready and nonchalantly started snapping candid photos of the goings-on! It’s was certainly worth it. The guy in the denim shirt (shown being interviewed in the photos below) is the G-star men’s designer, and while I’m taking his picture he comes over and looks at my Denimology ID. He says how much he likes Denimology and how happy he is to meet me, IMAGINE! We chat a bit and then when I ask him how I can get the pictures of the fashion show itself he gives me his card and tells me to email him! WOW! So, for now, here’s the behind the scenes at G-Star S/S 2011! Pictures of the fashion show itself coming soon.

G-Star S/S 2011 Show: Behind The Scenes CIMG0800.JPG

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