Kendra Wilkinson in Current/Elliott Cargos wenn2981929.jpg

Wearing a pair of Current/Elliott Skinny Cargo in Combat Green, super fit and sexy young momma Kendra Wilkinson poses and smiles at a signing for her book, Sliding Into Home.

If you are interested in the book, here are some tidbits from

  • She had some pretty awful teachers growing up. A former math teacher told 14-year-old Kendra if she wore a short skirt and talked his class up at a parent’s night he would give her an A. (She did, and she got that A.) Another teacher laughed at her when she announced in class she wanted to be a marine biologist. (How rude!)
  • Wilkinson did a lot of drugs. A lot. Crystal meth, cocaine, acid, weed. You name it, she probably did it. (And this is why I’m amazed she still looks as young as she does.)
  • And she drank a lot of alcohol. The first time she got drunk, at age 12, her mom took her to juvenile hall to spend the night. The officers took her in the back, tried to scare her, and then let her go because they were full. (Drinking at 12! I was a heavy drinker of juice at 12.)
  • Wilkinson also admits to pretty severe cutting. (She said she hid this from her friends like she hid her other destructive behavior.)
  • She was suicidal at one point, and spent time in a psychiatric ward after overdosing on pills. At the hospital, she tried to overdose by eating a tube of toothpaste. (She admits that this was like hitting rock bottom.)
  • Her turning point was a bad reaction to too much cocaine one night. She went home to her mom, asked for forgiveness, and got her life back on track. (Thank goodness. Her retelling of that night is chilling.)
  • Wilkinson was discovered by Hugh Hefner after she modeled in a car show with her then boyfriend, Zack. (Kendra met Hef at 18 when she worked his 78th birthday as a painted girl.)
  • When she first moved into the mansion as one of Hef’s girlfriends, she didn’t get along with the other girlfriends (and later co-stars) Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. (The Girls Next Door portrays them as very close, but the girls weren’t until the later seasons, Wilkinson shares.)