Levi's Curve ID European Launch lvgourp.jpg

Last week Levi’s held the European Launch of their new Curve ID fit system in front of a select group of journos and fashion bloggers. Everyone present had a special fitting and then received a free pair of jeans. Everyone except me, that would have been a bit weird (these are girls jeans and I am a guy). Anyway, whilst everyone was getting their fitting I chatted to a few of the Levi’s representatives and checked out the denim. I can report that the jeans certainly looked fantastic on the models present (see below) – but then again everything looks great on models, that’s why they are models after all. More importantly when the female journos/bloggers emerged from the changing rooms in their new jeans the vast majority of them looked great, there was no sign of muffin tops, whale tales or gaping waistbands.

The secret behind the jeans is that they are no longer simply measured in terms of your waist, they are all about the ratio in size between your waist, hips and behind and the three different shapes (slight, demi and bold) mean that young women now have an 80% chance of finding something that will properly fit them. If you are anywhere near a Levi’s store is it definitely worth a visit to to check out the range, which includes skinny, straight and bootcut jeans in a variety of washes. If you are interested to see what some of the other bloggers present looked like in their free jeans check out the reports from ItIsMartina, TheGummySweet, LaRevueDeKenzas and ArmoireDeMode.

Levi's Curve ID European Launch levisgirls.jpg