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Every time I start a review I think about the best way to translate the way denim wears into words, it’s never easy. Especially when you know a pair of jeans can never be justified with a short review. I try my best. So today PPD Doheny jeans are the topic of discussion and they really are a fantastic pair of jeans for so many reasons. PPD for those of you not in the know is what Paige call their men’s denim brand.

Firstly they’re dark. That instantly won me over (by now you’ll probably have figured that I’m all about the raw selvage denim, which sadly these are not). Secondly, they’re a very unusual, yet comfortable fit. Paige Denim boasts excellence in creating a comfortable fit whilst not compromising the quality of finish and construction. After all it is named after its founder, Paige Adams-Geller, previously a model for several premium denim labels and so it’s expected she knows what she is talking about.

So we have jeans that are 98% Cottons and 2% Lycra, which brings the stereotype of female jeans to mind. Saying that, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, they’ve been added to the ‘most comfortable’ jeans pile. Everything about them is the definition of comfort. A natural fitting 9.75″ (to be precise) rise, and 18″ leg for a 34″ sized Doheny fit, is definitely my favourite of the men’s selection I have tried. However, the unusual feature I mentioned earlier is the ‘flared’ taper towards the leg opening. Personally, I’m not a fan as they definitely emphasise any bulk of a calf muscle you may have. I’d definitely get them slimmed down from the knees to the leg opening a couple of inches as I’m sadly not a part of the ‘work boot’ footwear trend. You don’t want your jeans catching the breeze or the opposite leg when you walk.

The jeans themselves are a simple 5 pocket design with belt looks, dark stitching, zip fly and leather waist patch with ‘PPD’ embossed. Simplicity and I like it. They’re not your going out for a few drinks jean, but more, I’m going out to walk the dog style, if that makes any sense!

If you wonder how I go about trying out jeans, this time I took to a local theme park. I thought, I don’t want to be wearing jeans I don’t feel comfortable in, why not go to somewhere incredibly uncomfortable to put them to the test! You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first.

The PPD Doheny Jeans reviewed here can be bought online for $189.

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