Closed Spring/Summer 2011 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS11-WomensLB11.jpg

CLOSED is a former Italian, now German, brand that has been around for a long time, I think they were one of the first brands ever to introduce jeans with a higher rise, slouchy and with tapered legs (the iconic pedal pusher jeans). I am delighted to see them now in the US, where they have been selling at Barney’s since the beginning of this year. Their jeans range include skinnies, slouchier cut skinny jeans, dropcrotch (my fave!) and a vast variety of cargo pants. Even though they have started out with totally non stretch jeans, they now include stretchy skinny pants, and even the slouchier jeans have stretch, so they don’t stay stiff on your body, but mold to it. I have been wearing those jeans for a long time and always had to get them in Europe. I can’t wait to see how well this brand will be doing here in the US.

Closed Spring/Summer 2011 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS11-Mens-08.jpg
Closed Spring/Summer 2011 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS11-Mens-03.jpg

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