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Inga Style – Siwy Rose Skinny in After Hours

Inga Style – Siwy Rose Skinny in After Hours
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Hi, everyone ! I know it’s been a long time since my first review, but I’m still here 😉 During those weeks of silence I’ve been soooo busy – I visited my home country (Estonia), enrolled myself on a Photography course, made a lot of new friends, stayed home with terrible flu for three weeks and visited Paris for the first time. In fact, I just got back from there and am now “back to business”, and business this week takes the form of a pair of Siwy Rose Skinny Jeans in After Hours.

Siwy Jeans, as regular readers of this site will know have many many celebrity fans including Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson. Well, this was my first time trying on a pair and I have to say the quality and look of these Siwy jeans is great. I especially liked the signature pocket details on the back which gives these simple skinnies an interesting twist. On the negative side I am not so keen on the obvious wash marks at upper the front, I would have preferred those to be a little more subtle. I should point out that these pictures were taken after my three week illness, which was accompanied with some weight loss. This meant that the jeans appear a little looser in these photos that they would do normally. As I’m on a shorter side (5’4″) the inseam was a little long (but nothing that can’t be fixed by hemming them) meaning they would be perfect on someone a little taller.

I was really happy to get the jeans in grey as it’s a great on-trend neutral color for Autumn/Winter and the outfit combinations are endless. For the review I decided to combine them with monochrome colors and to add a flash of red in the form of my fab new red shoes. I would also pair up the jeans with camel or khaki green for this season, play around with other grey shades or go for safe black. And depending on what else you wear with them I would say these jeans would certainly be suitable for both day and night.

If you would like to see my “Paris trip photos” then check out my blog intriguemenow.blogspot.com. Also stay tuned for my next review of J Brand’s hot new Gigi cropped bootcut jeans which will be posted next week.

The Siwy Rose Skinny in After Hours reviewed here are available from Donna Ida for £200.

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  1. Inga, you do for these exactly what Michelle Siwy intended. California cool made for the city life. How you've made a simple air of jeans so brilliant. Love this post.

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