4 Stroke Jeans Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook web_4898007530_808b95bfa1_z.jpg

After introducing the Levi’s water<less jeans, I started looking out for more brands that are environmentally friendly and up popped New York based company, 4 Stroke. Not only are their jeans beautifully styled, but some of the denim is actually untouched by water (when made in a rigid state). As for their other jeans, where water is used to dye them, it is treated and recycled to remove impurities. The remainder is returned to the land. 4 Stroke continues their commitment to sustainable living by producing select pieces in the best organic fabrics. Some of their items are made locally in New York City, eliminating transportation and thereby minimizing the carbon footprint. The Fall/Winter 2010 collection is called “Birthright Blue” and takes its inspiration from iconic moments in history and don’t you just think “Casablanca” when you look at some of these pictures!

4 Stroke Jeans Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook full_12680686990362d310e3855bf0.jpg

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