Nine in the Morning Denim Fall 2010 Iconic Collection -1-EE_skin_sensation.jpg

Italian-based denim line, Nine in the Morning, is an emerging brand out of Venice, Italy. Two brothers, Umberto and Alessandro Vendramin, were born into a family with a long history in textiles. By owning their own factories, the Nine in the Morning brothers can control their luxury goods, ensuring the highest quality of denim at a reasonable price. The duo have had the good fortune to work with top designers such as Luigi Martell, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Prada.

The denim pieces being featuring today are from Nine in the Morning‘s Fall 2010 Iconic Collection. Made with organic denim, copious amounts of edge fused with a comfortable fit. You should take note of the one-of-a-kind hardware and progressive craftsmanship.

Nine in the Morning is available for purchase at Tobi.

Nine in the Morning Denim Fall 2010 Iconic Collection -1-skin_sensation_retro.jpg

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