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I’m strangely becoming a fan of black denim. It’s so versatile. I can see why Italian men love it. It just works with everything. I can’t remember ever buying a pair of black jeans, however ACNE have now proven a worthy candidate.

So here I present ACNE’s Black Slim Leg Max Cash Jeans with a few tasty features, two-tone stitching, 5 pockets, a white branded leather tab on the waist band and branded fly button fastening.

In fact, when I think about it, this is also the first pair of ACNE jeans I have ever tried. Bear with me, the amount of different pairs of jeans I’ve had on recently is crazy, I should really write them all down.

ACNE was one of the first brands to create a huge catalogue of unisex fit jeans. In fact, they really remind me of A.P.C’s new cure fit wise, however the denim is much softer than their rigid raw stuff. They’ve been around for a while now too (the first collection launching in 1998) and so they’ve had time to perfect the look that boasts effortless style.

Back to the denim. The rise is super low (8″ low!) so if you’re tucking in that shirt, make sure there is plenty of length and don’t match with bold vertical stripes unless you want to look like your torso is twice the length of your legs. The fit is also slim on the thighs, with a little room on the lower calf for comfort’s sake. I love the fact that the denim is so soft it feels like brushed cotton, yet isn’t as ‘furry’ (probably the best way to describe it) as some of the softer jeans tend to be. The leg opening is just short of 7″, so pair them up with Vans lows or Winklepickers.

One thing I noticed is that the jeans seem to replicate whatever the climate is. No, I’m not going crazy. Here in the UK we seem to have skipped Autumn and gone straight into winter and when I put the jeans on yesterday morning they were like ice. However today the sun is out like it should have been all summer and they’re as comfortable as…well, they’re just comfortable.

I’m totally a t-shirt, jeans and trainers freak, but occasionally the shirt has to come out, I hope you folks appreciate the effort I make for you.

The ACNE’s Black Slim Leg Max Cash Jeans reviewed here are available from My Wardrobe for £130.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Are those currently big in the UK? I've seen no guys in the U.S. wearing anything pointy like that.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. Are those currently big in the UK? I've seen no guys in the U.S. wearing anything pointy like that.

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