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Continuing my interview of G-Star RAW designers, here is Rebekka Bach, responsible for G-Star’s women’s collection.

Q: What is the first pair of jeans you remember?
A: Probably my father’s worn out Wrangler jeans – fitting far too high… After that, a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans – I saw the older students at school wearing them
rolled up at the bottom and thought, “I can’t wait till I’m old enough to wear a pair
of those!”

Q: What is your favorite pair of jeans that you have owned and why?
A: From the G-star jeans collection, a pair of basic jeans called Midge Skinny (see thumbnail below). This is a perfectly fitted style. They rescued me so many times. Those days when I didn’t know what to wear and the days when I didn’t feel like wearing anything – my Midge’s always saved me! I have had several fabrics and washes, can’t have enough of those.

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Q: How many pairs of jeans do you currently own and which ones do you wear the most?
A: I have just moved, so this has been a good excuse to “clean up” my closet. I probably own some 100 pairs of jeans at the moment. Right now, my favorites are G-Star’s Low-T Loose Tapered jeans in a raw, worn-in finish, which are cool paired with brogues and a classic white shirt.

Q: Which is your favorite jeans shop?
A: Christophe Loiron and his fantastic store called “Mr. Freedom”, in Los Angeles.

Q: Who is your current favorite denim icon. I am thinking, the person
who has the most denim style?

A: My mentor and godfather, Pierre Morisset, who has been the head designer at G-Star for the past 20 years.

Q: Which person, living or dead, would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?
A: Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel – she was one of the first women in pants, which was at that time considered very masculine. At the same time, she was also known for her elegance and perception of modern classics.

Q: Having previewed lots of jeans companies, I still think that G-Star is one , if not THE, most forward collection. As I told you when we met, I was impressed by the vast choice of exciting jeans and denim in general. What is your explanation?
A: a) G- Star is a super specialist denim brand operating in a mass denim market;

b) G-Star introduced 3-D construction techniques in its designs, thereby offering
maximum comfort;

c) G-Star is “Just the Product” … functional classics with a luxury edge. G-Star products portray denim craftsmanship, with a consistent signature that represents both street and luxury;

d) G-Star is inspired by the “unexpected combinations” philosophy – chic & RAW, street wear & couture, denim & silk;

e) G-Star has deep roots in the creative worlds of art, design, music and movies and maintains relationships with the iconic talent that share the brand’s philosophy; e.g. Marc Newson, Dennis Hopper, Benicio del Toro and Liv Tyler;

f) G-Star is RAW. G-Star is real!


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