Cheryl Cole in Paige Denim Jeggings cheryl-cole-paige-denim-jeggings-meteor-j.jpg

We don’t really like to post celebrities wearing jeans if you can not see the bottom of the jeans but because you can so clearly make out the wash and we haven’t spotted these, we’ve made an exception. Cheryl’s beautiful denim of choice are Paige Denim Verdugo Jegging in Meteor. These are made of light weight, 9oz super stretch denim and decorated with a metallic foil finish on the front.

I am always in awe of celebs like Cheryl Cole who have such an amazing denim collection. She does not stick to any one brand or style of denim and I really love that. I can’t wait to hear her sweet little accent on the US version of the X-Factor.

Do any of you have any word on when it will start to broadcast here in the states?

Cheryl Cole in Paige Denim Jeggings cheryl-cole-paige-denim-jeggings-meteor-jt.jpg