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DISH Jeans’ Spring 2011 Lookbook

DISH Jeans’ Spring 2011 Lookbook

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Rather than adding another appliqué, top stitching or bling, the DISH jeans Spring 2011 collection is built with their ergonomic technology. This construction contours women’s silhouettes in a less is really more type fashion. What separates DISH from other jeans companies is its commitment to “real design” that “real women” will enjoy wearing.

Says Donald Johannesson (my personal wonderful friend), Dish Jean’s Creative and Design Director,

“We noticed women hate the loose fabric at the back of their legs. We aimed to solve this problem through our ergonomic seaming. We take that excess fabric out of the equation so the jeans and fashion seams follow the leg’s natural curve. Jean leggings can be rigid and difficult to move in so we placed darts at defined stress points to facilitate movement. Last but not least, we incorporate a unique mechanical stretch fabric to retain shape for ‘no bag, no sag’ technology resulting in a jean that caresses the silhouette, provides a great fit and bounces back to its original shape no matter how many times it is worn.”

I can actually attest to the no bagging or sagging in Dish jeans. I have a couple pairs and they stay up over your bottom while squatting down and I don’t get that awful looking, baggy loose knee either.

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