Erin Wasson in Elle Magazine erin_wasson_ElleMagazine_SG4.jpg

Erin Wasson covers Elle Magazine’s Spain January issue shot by Santiago Esteban. Appropriately titled, Rock´n Erin the model and designer wears classic pieces, some of which are perfectly mixed with denim. I love the camel color that is so present right now in fashion. A vintage skirt or sweater, new camel coat all are perfect mixed with denim. These editorials inspire me to mix something I have with a new piece to spice up my wardrobe or indulge in a current trend. Wasson exudes her playful charm throughout the shoot while being one of the hottest models working today.

Erin Wasson in Elle Magazine erin_wasson_ElleMagazine_SG.jpg
Erin Wasson in Elle Magazine erin_wasson_ElleMagazine_SG2.jpg