Fidelity Denim Men's Lookbook Fidelity-M-SS11-00.jpg

It’s not always true that when a brand has a successful women’s line, they also have a good and successful men’s line. Fidelity Denim has launched their current men’s denim line, which retails at about $174, and they emphasize that their focus is on comfort and fit rather than on “distracting aesthetic details”. In other words, how good you look in them is only a distraction and should be less important than how good you feel in them. (I’m not sure, but isn’t how good you LOOK in them an important factor in how good you FEEL in them?) According to Fidelity they avoid what they call the “rollercoaster trends” and, instead, focus on catering to the fundamental needs and desires of the modern male. Now, I don’t know about you, guys, but I want it all in a pair of jeans: rollercoaster trends AND fit AND comfort – which begs the question, “Would I rather spend my $174 on comfort? Or on good looks?!” I know what my answer is – and it’s “looks trump comfort”. What’s yours?

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