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Hello! SkinnyJeans Q+A

Hello! SkinnyJeans Q+A
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Does Hello! SkinnyJeans really make jeans that are “thigh-slimming, stomach-flattening, buttocks-shaping, and leg-lengthening”? Can they really make a woman look less “full-figured” as they claim? Being a little skeptical, I said, no way, this is NOT possible. So I went ahead and asked Catherine Hart, the founder and designer of this brand a few questions:

Q: Catherine, there are a lot of desperate women out there who have a big problem in finding jeans in a larger size and/or that make them look better – be this thigh-slimming, stomach-flattening, buttocks-shaping or leg-lengthening. Does your company propose the ideal solution for all of these requests?

A: Yes. We specifically incorporate design solutions in SkinnyJeans(R) that address ALL of these common problems:

(1) thigh-slimming– thighs are ‘scooped-out’ to slim and separate them and the high-performance stretch denim compresses and slims the legs; the inseams are drawn very forward on the leg to trick the eye into seeing less ‘real estate’ on the front of the leg; and the inside and outside of the thighs are darkened creating an optical illusion that the thigh is slimmer.

(2) stomach-flattening– we use non-stretch pocket lining to create a panel across the front of the jeans to flatten the entire stomach area; additionally, the mid-rise cut of the jean falls at the hip which pushes the stomach in at the most effective place, avoiding a ‘pooched-out’ stomach with a too-high cut or a little ‘pot-belly’ from a too-low cut; and the stretchy, bias-cut waistband avoids ‘muffin-top’.

(3) buttocks-shaping– using optical illusion shading, the sides of the hips and under the buttocks are darkened for a shaping and slimming look; the design of the yolk shapes the buttocks; and the pockets are shaped and placed precisely to make the buttocks appear smaller and more shapely.
(4) leg-lengthening– we use optical-illusion shading to trick the eye into seeing the leg-break higher than the natural leg break and the shading down the middle of the leg is drawn all the way down to create a long, unbroken line.