Private Stock Denim Launching Collection  PrivateStock -DSC_0411.JPG

Private Stock is a brand new denim brand founded by Jon Koon, ex-designer of Domenico Vacca, a self-proclaimed “jeans maniac” (well, I know all about that, being one myself!). I had the pleasure of viewing his collection in the showroom and I have to say that I liked what I saw. The jeans are really what the brand claims: “Each individual pair of jeans is unique because everything is hand-crafted in Jon Koon’s own manufacturing plants in Hong Kong. No two pairs of jeans have exactly the same rips or distressing. It’s exclusive because no two pairs are alike”. This collection will be in stores nationwide come January, in places like American Rag and Kitson and will retail from $110 to $188.

Private Stock Denim Launching Collection  PrivateStock -DSC_1166.JPG

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