Guess Ad Campaign Spring 2011 GUESS-S-11-Ad-F22_PRINT.jpg

Ellen von Unwerth reprises her role as famed photographer of the classic 1980’s & 1990’s GUESS advertising campaigns with the introduction of the GUESS spring 2011 campaign. The black-and-white classic images bring back memories of the iconic 1960’s and 1970’s beach movies that preserve that time in film history. The spring 2011 campaign captures the playful, light-hearted nature of summer when there shouldn’t be a care in the world except the best wave to catch. And this while I am here in NYC trying to catch the best way out of the mush from last week’s blizzard!

Guess Ad Campaign Spring 2011 GUESS-S-11-Ad-F14_PRINT.jpg
Guess Ad Campaign Spring 2011 GUESS-S-11-Ad-F3_PRINT.jpg