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JWoWW in A7 Jeans

JWoWW in A7 Jeans

J-Woww in A7 Jeans gallery_enlarged-jwoww-new-years-party-01.jpg

UPDATE: Denimology reader Ignacio Choi tells us glamorous Jenni is wearing A7 Jeans. I looked these jeans up and our reader is absolutely correct. In fact, she is wearing A7 Super jeans in Limited Edition Silver Swarovski Crystal. They are quite pricey too. $399…. although I found them cheaper around the web.

Jenni Farley brings every ounce of class in her body to the MTV Jersey-fied New Years Eve Celebration. Decorated in the most demure, dazzling pasties, a neck lined with pearls insert pornographic humor here, matched with the classiest jeans (ripped only in the right places), Jenni Farley makes even the always elegant Shauna Sand weep at her greatness. We are not sure where those jeans came from we only know that the glamorously garbed J-Woww is the only one wearing them. These jeans remind me of something from River Island that another glamorous wonder of the world, Katie Price aka Jordan would wear. These days however she’s clearly no longer any competition for J-Woww…..

(Beware of heavy sarcasm; sometimes it hurts)


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