Jennifer Love Hewitt in MiH Marrakesh Jeans -alex-Beh-jennifer-love-hewitt-mih-jeans-jt-.jpg

Well…. what have we here? Heidi and Spencer 2.0? Jennifer Love Hewitt is spotted smiling loads while acting overly affectionate with her boyfriend Alex Beh outside The London hotel in West Hollywood. As I looked over Jennifer’s sexy MiH Marrakesh Jeans, I thought about how the high waist line is really working her curves.

But please – for love of all things holy (it is Sunday after all), can someone in J. Love’s inner circle tell her about tailors. When she buys her jeans, she can have them hemmed professionally in most major department stores for a small fee and occasionally, jeans are hemmed for free with a denim purchase. STOP hacking the bottom off all of your jeans Jennifer!

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