Luisa Via Roma's Firenze 4Ever Bash! luisa-via-roma-andrea-Panconesi-jessie-thorpe-denimlogy-jt.jpg

I would like to say thanks to the blogger who said, “We don’t see you on the site, We don’t know who you are”. I did not think anyone would be interested in knowing me by face. Apparently I was wrong and I would like to say thanks so much for the self esteem boost. Never have I been treated so well in a group of people. Especially in fashion.

In the course of 3 days I met and interviewed edgy, grunge designer Neil Barrett and was autographed by Giuseppe Zanotti. I say I was autographed because I was! I am getting his signature tattooed on. I met famed fashion bloggers that are read all over the world there. I met Eva Cavalli who offered to replace my lost phone and I was hosted high life style by Luisa Via Roma owner, Andrea Panconesi.

Seeing in the flesh, Caroline from Caroline’s Mode made me a little nervous. I got a little fangirlish (only for a second though) on Daniel from Stockholm Streetstyle. That is one of my most inspirational fashion sites. I met, for only moments really, Andy from Style Scrapbook and Chiara from The Blonde Salad but they were seen everywhere. There are so many more that I am not remembering (I am sorry for that).

While at the Cavalli Club Dinner the second night, my brand new droid pulled a disappearing act so all of my images from there are missing. It’s a shame because that was where I founded some new relationships with bloggers Marie and Lotte from A Fashion Tale, Diane from Perfectism, Zarko from Design Scene and Sandra from Sandra’s Closet. Also, I met Cindy from Come Over To The Darkside – We Have Candy and Camilla of Garotase Stupidas. OH! And NELS! He is so darn dandy! I met Nels of Stylites!

Throughout this event, I made new friendships and changed my perception of myself. I learned that I am different and it’s wonderful, I’m not skinny (well I knew this) but that it’s okay, and that the sunshine I carry around spreads.

I would like to give a huge Thanks to Luisa Via Roma, Saba & Camilla for inviting to take part in this amazing experience. I also want to thank the head honcho-wonderful guy-my amazing employer Andy for letting me, in place of himself, attend this event.

You can see all the images I took during the party and after party here on the Denimology Facebook. There were just WAY too many to put on our homepage and I could not decide which ones to use. I downloaded them in high resolution so you can snag the ones you like.


  1. You are gorgeous sista! Thanks for sharing this, along with all the great links.

  2. Thank you.

    There were so many great bloggers and I think I only got familiar with a quarter of them. I hope you enjoy all their blogs!

  3. Lovely meeting you too, dear. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun and laughed that hard. I hope to see you again real soon – stay strong and just as amazing.


  4. Lovely meeting you too, dear. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun and laughed that hard. I hope to see you again real soon – stay strong and just as amazing.


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