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What would Denimology be like if we were living at the end of the 17th century? (Grant me a little artistic license and imagine that the Internet existed then!) What kinds of denim would we be featuring? Fortunately, a mysterious and unknown Italian painter of the late 17th century has left us a record, in oil paintings, of what denim was like then. He is called “Maitre de la toile de jeans”, “Il Maestro della tela jeans”, or “The Master of the Blue Jean”. I find myself totally absorbed by the painting of the young boy in a denim jacket. He looks as if he could be alive today and out in the neighborhood playground (except maybe for the hat). In the painting, The Barber, you can actually see the leg of the blue jeans worn by the client! And is that seamstress sewing a pair of blue jeans? Denim has a long and rich history. I can only imagine what the blue jeans of the 23rd century will look like, and what the denizens of that time will think of our primitive 21st century brands. This 17th century “Denimology” resides at Gallerie Canesso in Paris and is now on display at Gallerie Didier Aaron in New York. The denim isn’t available anywhere at any price!

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(thanks Babbie, for inviting me!)