Ania Style - Genetic Denim Bell Bottom Jeans IMG_6556.jpg

Growing up in Poland I was surrounded by denim. My parents owned a chain of clothing stores in the city where I come from, generating traffic from all over Poland as well as the neighbouring Germany. Quality was always the most important aspect of a pair of jeans. These were different times. Premium, high-end denim was not a concept widely used, if used at all. The thicker the jeans the better and Wrangler and Levi’s were the jeans of the day. Regardless of style or brand, the lessons from childhood still stick. When I buy a pair of jeans that cost be anywhere in the $200+ price range I expect them to last me at least a couple of seasons (or a couple of weight loss/gain cycles).

This pair of Ania Style - Genetic Denim Bell Bottom Jeans IMG_6570.jpg

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