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Ralph Davis, co-founder and CEO, of the (in)famous brand Denimocracy, a brand well loved and worn by jegging-loving celebs, agreed to do a Q&A with Denimology. He says he wants to “convert” me (avid Denimology readers know Lisette as a dyed-in-the-wool slouchy boyfriend jeans-lover and jegging-hater). Ok, fine. Why would I be a jegging convert by Denimocracy especially with all the different brands out there? Well, I decided to let him at least try.

Q:How did Denimocracy “happen”? Tell us a bit how you got here and about the brand’s name.
A: We launched our brand in a time when our country was experiencing great economic challenges. It came to us to join in the fight and create a brand that was Hand Crafted in America. We wanted to create a true American product, produced within our shores, made by American workers, built and designed with true American quality. From this Denimocracy was born, a truly American Product, as defined in our tag line; “Premium Comfort, for the People by the People”.

Q: What makes the Denimocracy jeggings different from other jeggings?
A: We released our first 5 pocket knit jean in 2008, I first saw the term Jeggings in the Apparel News shortly thereafter. Since that time we have witnessed Jeggings being offered from $5.00 to over $200.00 a pair in a variety of fabrications. What separates Denimocracy from the rest of the pack is a fabrication that has been specifically developed by us and for us. The primary qualification of any fabric that enters into our jean line is its ability to hold its shape while offering an exceptional feeling of comfort. When you add in the fashion finishes that run from our basic over-dyes to exotic coatings you have a line with a wide array of fashion to choose from.

Denimocracy - Q&A With Ralph Davis, Founder and CEO Denimocracy-Tainted Love Coated

Q: When we exchanged e-mails before doing this interview, you said: “the entire campaign currently is moving away from the wild and crazy stuff we have done in the past..” — wasn’t this “craziness” your best selling point?
A: Well we can never leave all the craziness completely behind, that’s just who we are. I think a better way of looking at our previous campaign is understanding that we needed to grab some attention in announcing our brand Denimocracy. We wanted to create some thought provoking buzz about who are those guys and what is this brand all about! The next natural evolution is to turn our focus to the beauty of our products and I think this will be will represented in next ad campaign along with a little sexy craziness.

Q: What is the new philosophy behind your brand?
A: Our tag line is “Premium Comfort for the People by the People” . We are a premium label with our emphasis on true “Comfort”. This comes from our focus on the combination of our Fit, Fabrics and Finishes. While this will never change we will continue to seek out ways to elevate the denim experience for our customers. We accomplish this by continuing to add and develop new fabrics and finishes, like fashion, we are always evolving.

Q: What kind of people to you want to reach out to and who is your target market?
A: Our style lines can reach from the fashion forward looks of Christina Aguilera who is tastefully wild and fun to a more subtle and sophisticated look such as Katie Holmes. Our gals are anywhere from 18 years old to 50 years old; we focus on women who want to be hip and in the current fashion trend.

Q: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?
A: Well, I must admit that I have a soft spot for Jessica Alba. Jessica was one of the first celebrities to be wearing Denimocracy Jeggings, and she looks as good as ice cream in the Sahara Desert in them. I love her fashion sensibility and she represents all that is beautiful about the product.

Q: What is your trend forecast for this coming season?
A: For fall 2011 we see higher rises being added to the line, exotic animal prints, metallic’s, retro leathers, multi-piece construction detailing and exaggerated leg openings.

Q: What is the price range and when and where will your jeans be available?
A: Our Jeans retail from $98.00 – $189.00 we are currently in better boutiques and small specialty stores across the country.

Q: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
A: Yes, there is something I would like to announce to you and all of your Denimology readers, today. It is with great pride that Denimocracy has given birth to its’ newest child, Article VIII – by Denimocracy, set to break for Fall 2011. It is the latest creation by our designer Vanessa Avila and is rich in imported luxury denim from Japan and other worldly places that manufacture exceptional denim fabrics.

Denimocracy - Q&A With Ralph Davis, Founder and CEO Denimocracy-ArtXIII-FW2011-15.jpg

I just received these jeggings in the mail and they are not really what I call typical jeggings. They are more like extremely tight fitting jeans made from a smooth, comfortable stretch material enhanced with an amazing wash and design patterns. These are definitely going to be worth a try!


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