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“NEWSFLASH! I tried J Brand denim out for the VERY FIRST TIME & I’m SMITTEN!!” That’s right lovelies, I’m back for my second review and I can now officially say I have joined the pack of loyal J Brand followers. J Brand denim was born from the collaboration of Jeff Rudes {denim manufacturer for 30 years!} and Susie Crippen {celeb stylist}. Jeff & Susie wanted to create a classic and sophisticated jean line with an ah-mazing fit. They were inspired to make women look and feel beautiful in their jeans.

I had always been interested in trying the brand, but always seemed to resort to my usual faves, instead of taking the chance. I was very pleased when these J Brand 10″ Skinny Jeans in “Venice”arrived on my doorstep. At first glance, J Brand denim seems plain and you almost ask yourself why everyone swoons over the brand, that is, until I tried these babies on! WOW!! These skinnies were soft as butter and felt like a second skin, in a good way though {not in a “painted on” kinda way}.

Usually the first thing you notice when you first try on a pair of skinny jeans is how tight they feel. And it usually takes a little time until they start to feel comfy. That was certainly not the case with these babies. I instantly felt I could move in these jeans. There was no restriction at all, yet they still fit like a glove. I also noticed that they didn’t stretch out after wear – they looked the same as they did when I first tried them on. A BIG plus! There’s nothing worse than a jean you fall in love with when you initially try them on, but at the end of the day they don’t feel nearly as good as they did before.

The 29″ inseam was just right for my 5’10 self. They hit right at the ankle – not too long and not too short. This makes these jeans versatile enough to wear with multiple types of shoes. I could definitely see myself pairing these with some Chuck Taylors or ballet flats, just as easily as I could with heels.

I will say that I was not initially drawn to the wash of the jean. I own one pair of jeans with this same wash and I barely wear them. However, after seeing how great they looked on, I started to actually like the wash. It reminds me of vintage California, perhaps that’s why J Brand dubbed them “Venice.” I’m normally drawn more towards a darker wash because I feel that darker washes were more versatile than lighter washes, but this jean changed my mind. I can wear these jeans out at night with heels, a dressy top, or blazer – but can easily switch to day and throw on a vintage T & flats and still feel put together. That’s why I chose to pair these jeans with a vintage velvet blazer & dark green heels, to show how this wash can looked dressed up.

Overall I am overjoyed with these skinny jeans, and looking back I wish I would have given J Brand a chance a long time ago. I finally see why celebs like Mila Kunis and Shenae Grimes are so loyal to the brand. Now I understand the modest approach to the design of these jeans – the lack of pocket design, distressed tears, and embellishments. It all boils down to the look and feel of the jeans. This jean line is classic minimalism at its best. They may seem “plain” at first glance, but try them on and you’ll find they are anything but that. J Brand is quality denim and combines style, comfort, and sexiness all at the same time!

The J Brand 10″ Skinny Jeans in “Venice” reviewed here are available online from for $196.

Jen Style - J Brand 10" Skinny Jean DSC01691.JPG

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  1. Jen, you look fabulous in these! It’s hard not to love J Brand jeans…SO comfortable!!!

  2. Jen, you look fabulous in these! It's hard not to love J Brand jeans…SO comfortable!!!

  3. Jen, you look fabulous in these! It's hard not to love J Brand jeans…SO comfortable!!!

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