Marc Allison Jeans Omni Denim Hoodie 180850_10150098496558158_191980468157_6203095_1069699_n.jpg

While I was attending the Coterie NYC Trade Show this week I was finally able to meet the designers for Marc Allison Jeans!

And wow do they know their stuff! Apparently Marc was in on creating the iconic denim for PRVCY. I have previously said they had some of the best denim ever thought of in their jeans.

Marc decided to get a little crazy and start up his own denim line with his wifey (the sweet and swoon worthy) Allison. This is a line that I think has a huge future. MAJ’s denim is really the best feeling I’ve ever felt. I love their clean logo because it’s modern and not overly sensational. Their cuts are totally sexy and clean. In all of my 100’s of pair of jeans in my walk-in closet, their Shirl Flare is in my top 3 favorite pairs of jeans.

Well this brings me to my next piece from the brand, Marc cleverly thought up a new item. He offered me one of MAJ’s new Omni Denim hoodies; crafted with a denim outside with a comfy cozy inside! Here are a couple of images to hold us over until I get the hoodie in my finger tips for a better look!

Marc Allison Jeans Omni Denim Hoodie 166626_10150098496518158_191980468157_6203094_6882176_n.jpg


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