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It’s been a while since I’ve really got stuck into writing up my denim reviews and for that I do apologise. However, I am now back and fully into the swing of things. The Christmas holiday period involved travelling across 4 different counties and only one suitcase. Filtering out the denim that would accompany me on my travels proved harder than deciding on what presents to buy! One brand I feel indebted to is Natural Selection. Through rain, snow, hail and thunderstorms, they never failed to retain quality, fit well and still raise the question – “Where did you get those jeans?”.

Brands like Natural Selection that focus on heritage manufacture and detailing win me over every time. They’re the reason for my *ahem* slight denim addiction. For example, the Smith straight Kurabo Raw denim jeans being modelled here are made from 14oz selvage denim featuring a whole host of classic finishes. My first thought when trying them on is that they definitely feel like one of the heaviest pairs I currently own and are also the most rigid on their initial wear.

My second observation is the eloquent chain stitching across the major seams and the whole seat area. Many brands fail to pay attention to applying chain stitching to more than just the hems yet Natural Selection have addressed every area of strain, even the waistband, and implemented one of the strongest classic stitches to compensate. If you ever get a chance to view a pair make sure you look for the triangular stitching on the top button, it’s fabulous.

My favourite features are the hidden rivets and the beautiful contrast stitching on the inside leg seam and waistband. The very fact that the rivets are not externally branded again emphasises the desire of keeping all detailing discreet yet classical. The rise is 10″ so there’s still room to move yet not look excessively baggy or out of place with the slim straight fit. Leg openings are 8″ which is bound to shrink after the first wash.

Reilly is an artist (and now brand) who works alongside Natural Selection under the creative collective named Guardians of the Standard. He is responsible for the wonderful hand drawn illustration on the leather waist band patch. The British icons of hunting shotguns, pheasant and penny farthing are said to capture the love of British innovation. They love it so much; they’ve embossed the Greek alphabetical acronym on the fly buttons. That’ll wear in nice.

I can’t say enough about these jeans and am really impatient to see how they wear in over the next year. All in all I’ve found myself a new favourite British brand. The attention to detail is phenomenal, the fit is near perfect and the denim is some of the highest quality Japanese denim I’ve worn to date. Natural Selection, we salute you.

The Natural Selection Kurabo Raw Jeans reviewed here are available online for £105.

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