Ania Style - Work Custom Faux Leather Leggings IMG_9533.JPG

It’s been a while since my last post and I have to blame the weather. As you can see in all my photos thus far it’s either snowing or freezing, or both. I am getting messages on my blog from friends that live in Europe and it seems like Spring is in full swing there already. Let me tell you that whoever established settlements in Canada 200 or so years ago must have been really desperate. They have to upkeep the standard of living here just so that the people want to stay, because I can vouch for this when I say that they are not staying for the climate.

I apologize in advance if this is sounding like a rant but I am really sick of winter. The novelty of snow covered trees wears off real fast. Thank goodness I am asked to review jeans, I hope I don’t start seeing shorts in the mail anytime soon. I wouldn’t know what to do. On top of dreadful weather, work has been super busy in the last couple of months. Out of choice (but not happily) I do accounting and tax season is upon us. But not to bore you any further with the details of my so un-glamourous job. I was happy to receive my new set of jeans in the mail. We were terribly rushed for time, not only did the weather refuse to cooperate but I was also in and out of town in those two weeks. After I got back from the bloggers conference (where I met Jessie from Denimology and it was a great first meeting… here’s to many more) I only had a week back at home before I had to jet off to Toronto for some castings and to meet with my new agency, Next Model Management.

Nothing makes you feel better than a pair of skin tight faux leather leggings. To be quite honest I don’t see the line between leggings and pants anymore, skinnies have gone so far that these days you never know. My indicator is the fly, which these Ania Style - Work Custom Faux Leather Leggings IMG_9589.JPG

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