Brand to Watch: 3x1 Denim by Scott Morrison 6a00d83451e6b169e2014e86a10b16970d-500wi.jpg

Scott Morrison is at it again. By it, we mean he’s climbed atop his figurative denim loom and launched a new high end denim line called 3×1 (named for a type of denim weave). Scott co-founded both Paper Denim and Cloth and Earnest Sewn, and is the former CEO and creative director of Evisu (until they closed their US business and moved to Hong Kong).

Racked NY says

The concept is a little outside the box: Morrison and co-founder Eric Rothfeld will occupy a 7,300-square-foot space in Soho at 15 Mercer Street that will act as both a production facility and a shop, offering a behind-the-scenes look for the voyeur in all of us. Shoppers will be able to customize their denim from a range of various fabric and hardware options. Then, from behind a glass wall, they’ll watch their personalized jeans being conceived before their very eyes. Let’s call this the epitome of denim porn.

While their Mercer Street spot is still under construction and won’t open until May, the two-floor denim empire will be home to 22 sewing stations (including 11 single needle machines), an area for applying finishes, a washing facility, a showroom, and offices. Don’t get carried away, though. Depending on your level of denim personalization, your newest pants can end up costing you upwards of $800.