Emmy Rossum in H+M Jeans emmy-rossum-shameless-traveling-05.jpg

I think Emmy Rossum is my current favorite TV star right now. Star of Shameless, Emmy smiles graciously as she catches a flight out of LAX wearing a pair of budget priced ($29.99, shown below) H&M 70’s Flare Jeans. The fresh faced beauty pulled her Louis Vuitton suitcase and carried along her animal carrier for her outbound flight.

And here is an interesting little tidbit posted on Just Jared:

The 24-year-old actress recently talked about the fact that her character on Shameless sometimes appears nude. She said, “to show a girl with kind of a to-hell-with-it attitude about her body – she clearly walks around, we decided, without a bra and [in] her boyfriend’s boxers and she doesn’t put on makeup and she doesn’t have time to do her hair, and guys think she’s sexy.”

“So I think that’s the coolest thing in the world,” Emmy told the Philadelphia Inquirer.. “Not every girl comes out of the womb looking like Sofia Vergara or Sienna Miller, and that’s totally OK. Fiona doesn’t look like that when she gets up in the morning and neither, probably, does Sofia Vergara.”

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