Confirmed! Liz Hurley in Current/Elliott Jeans! -elizabeth-hurley-current-elliott-jeans-id-these-jt-15.jpg

UPDATE! My friend Alicia, owner and operator, of the popular online boutique has confirmed that these ARE indeed Current/Elliott. I’m patiently waiting to find out the exact title. I am sure it’s a simple one.

Looking all hottie-with-a-body while making her way to a hotel in London, uber fashionable milf Elizabeth Hurley excites the men around behind her with her finely toned ass silhouette enhancing jeans. My initial hunch is that Liz is wearing a pair of Current/Elliott The Flat Pocket Cargo Jeans but the thing throwing me off is that her jeans only have one pocket rather than two. Are they custom? Did I happen to miss this new style in their lookbook? Is this style old and still I missed it… So curious. If you happen to have confirmation on my hunch or know who the designer of Liz’s jeans is, please send me an email or simply leave a comment in the disqus comment section after the jump.

Feel free to examine the snapshots I have pieced together during my hours of denim investigation. ;D Liz is in the image on the outsides and the two clippings on the inside are the item in question.

Confirmed! Liz Hurley in Current/Elliott Jeans! -elizabeth-hurley-current-elliott-jeans-id-these-jt-15a.jpg

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