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Jen Style – Current/Elliott The Bell Jean In Carnival

Jen Style – Current/Elliott The Bell Jean In Carnival
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Current/Elliott is a denim brand with a large celebrity fan base including people like Hilary Duff and Gwyneth Paltrow who have been seen wearing the brand on regularly. I have always wanted to give this brand a shot, so when these flared jeans arrived on my doorstep I was very excited. Finally I would be able to see why this brand has such a great reputation. Before trying on the jeans, I decided to read up on the brand. I have to say I was quite delighted to read that consultants to the line, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, were inspired by their vintage finds when creating the collections. This denim line seems too perfect for a vintage lover like me.

Current/Elliott “The Bell” jean in “Carnival” is a nice mix of 70’s vintage bell-bottoms with a classic flare jean. The rise is 8.5″ and the super flare has the perfect “bell” shape, hence it’s name “The Bell.” I really dig the color of the wash. It’s the perfect blue – – not too light, not too dark. But, I am not too thrilled about the 31″ inseam, since I’m 5’10. Although it’s not normally the length I would buy, it did offer a pleasant change from my other bell-bottom and flare jeans. All the bell-bottoms I own pretty much cover my entire feet when I wear them. I think the shorter in-seam on this pair of bell-bottoms allows the wearer to have fun with the jeans and create a look that’s “oh-so-70’s” with a pair of cute wooden clogs or wedges, peeking out from under the bell of the jean.

The fit and feel of these jeans were a little iffy to me. They were super soft, which was a plus, but they were definitely a little tight in the hip region. The jeans are 93% cotton, 6% poly, and 1% spandex, so I expected a little more stretch to them. I felt that I had to keep pulling the back of the jeans up, because they kept creeping down. I think this is the type of jean that you need to try on first before purchasing, just to be on the safe side (unless you are familiar with this brand). I can definitely see it being true to size for some girls, and maybe a little smaller for others. Perhaps if I wore them for an entire day then maybe they would have stretched out a bit and been a little more comfortable.

Since the jeans are bell-bottoms, I decided to go the 70’s route and wear a bohemian paisley top and my platform heels. I could easily see myself wearing these jeans with a pair of colorful sandals and a bright colored tank top, to tone down the look and make it more casual. These jeans can really go either way.

I think these jeans are perfect for that someone who is into the bohemian/70’s bell-bottom, but still wants a jean that has a classic feel to it. This jean isn’t high-waisted and doesn’t have any crazy stitching or distressing to it. It’s classic and clean! Now that I’ve had the chance to try out Current/Elliott jeans, I definitely want to explore more styles out there within the brand. These jeans are made really well and they don’t require any of that “extra stuff”, like stitching and distressing, to make them cool. Yes, they are definitely pricey, but I don’t think you can put a price tag on quality and durability and that’s exactly what these jeans are.

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The Current/Elliott “The Bell” jean in “Carnival” reviewed here are available online from Singer22.com for $238.

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