Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-a-1.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-b-1.jpg

It’s not often that I ache to my core for a pair of shoes, let alone an entire range of shoes. Thanks to Joe’s Jeans for giving me this new need (like air to your lungs) to buy every single wedge from this line of shoes. I am a HUGE fan of the flat wedge trend which will be popular during this 70’s denim revival. And all of these shoes will fit in perfectly. My personal favorites are the Briggs Suede Wedge Sandals (above) and the Bliss Platform Wedge Sandals.

Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-a-2.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-a-3.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-a-4.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-b-2.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-b-3.jpg
Joe's Jeans Sandals joes-jeans-wedge-shoes-sandals-jt-row-b-4.jpg