- Arturo First Impressions P1080693.JPG

Being a major fan of Diesel and Energie denim with their rugged and pre-manufactured fades and creases, this pair NS Denim Kurabo Raw Straight leg jeans isn’t what I would usually go for. My first impressions were of a very clean-cut pair of smart looking dark denim jeans, which in my mind would be ideal for wearing to a business meeting without looking too informal.

I have been wearing the jeans for a minimum 5 hours per day, every day and at first they felt stiff for about a week, but wow they have already gone through some subtle changes as the stiffness is now gone and I’m gradually getting some cool creases appearing on the knees and ankles. These jeans are really starting to grow on me. Literally. Can’t wait to see how they will look on my next update.

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