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I have never entered anything like this before and upon receiving my brand new crisp pair of NS Denim Kurabo Raw Straight leg jeans I was pretty excited at the prospect of being part of something cool and experimental. Unwrapping the postal package was like christmas day all over again and I couldn’t wait to see what I had become part of – Or, had gotten myself into!

As soon as I laid my eyes on these bad boys I knew why they don’t come cheap. Brilliantly put together and genuinely looking like they have had some serious love put into the creation process, I knew that I had received something of quality here.

OK so onto the first try on and honestly, I felt like I just put on a suit of armour. Wow. I had never owned anything so crisp before, so my only instinct was to try and loosen them even a tiny bit and thus came to the conclusion is was time for me to run about my flat like a crazy man probably confusing my flatmates in the process – thrusts and squats included. It didn’t really work that well, the jeans are holding strong – yet another sign of the quality of these things. I guess its going to take some serious daily wear to truly tame this beast of a pair of jeans but why not, this is the best pair of jeans I have ever owned so why not make the most of them! - MattMcM First Impressions IMG_2122 copy.jpg - MattMcM First Impressions IMG_2126 copy.jpg - MattMcM First Impressions IMG_2129 copy.jpg