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My first impressions after unwrapping the NS Denim Kurabo Raw Straight leg jeans was the fact that they are made from some lovely 14oz denim, with no detraction from the materials with any unnecessary frills. Add in a sensible cut, and you’ve got a pair of jeans that is easy to get used to wearing. The leather waist band patch and extra detailing below the right back pocket is in keeping with the jeans, and nothing too extravagant. Not breaking the mould, but not doing it any injustice either. Two tone stitching around the garments, and rivets which are branded on the inside are nice touches, although they do cause a desire to indulge in the trait that quite rightly should be subject to ridicule by friends, which is to point those points of detail out to people.

They have a 10″ rise and around 8″ leg openings, and remind me of a 501 fit which are slightly slimmer from the knee down. On first wear, I would say they are surprisingly comfortable to say that they are quite stiff denim which is due to the good cut. On myself they tend to gather around the knee a little bit much for my liking, which in itself doesn’t lead to any problems due to the leg length being generous, but could get annoying. Who knows, should get better as the denim softens out.

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