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Q and A With Julien Jarmoune, Black Orchid

Q and A With Julien Jarmoune, Black Orchid

I am not a celeb (at least, outside of Denimology!), but when I’m wearing my Black Orchids I sure do feel as if I were one! These jeans have a certain flair and a sense of glamour to them, be it in the detailed metal studding of their back pockets, or the black orchid chain attached to every single pair of jeans. When I met the designer, Julien Jarmoune, un très charmant mec français, I asked him to do a Q&A with Denimology and here is what he has to say:

Q: What inspired you to create Black Orchid?
A: After extensive research of the industry, I realized there was something missing in the denim market: a true, figure-flattering jean I wanted to create a sexy, edgy jean that is affordable without sacrificing quality. I wanted a jean with attention to details, comfortable fabric and a great fit for all sizes. A staple in any wardrobe, Black Orchid is ideal for all women searching for that perfect pair, whether classic or trendy.

Q: Which are the best sellers in your new collection?
A: We are known for our skinny jeans and jeggings, and this season is no exception. Because of the comfortable, high stretch fabric, our jeggings are a favorite of celebrities and real women alike. This summer is marking a big comeback of the Boot cuts and exaggerated flare styles. Our 2 hottest new styles are the High Rise Bell Bottom and the Wide Leg Trouser. They are both vintage-inspired classics that are easy to wear.

Q: What styles are going to be big next season?
A: I think the trousers are going to be very big, weather plain and sexy or pleated and casual. I also believe that “alternative fabrics” such as twills are a nice non-denim choice. Boot cuts and flares will definitely carry into fall, but our sexy black skinny jean will always remain #1.