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Being part of Denimology is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I looked back through my old emails to see when I had first responded to the post for a blogger. It was August of 2008, I was 14 and my email is so funny to read now. Since then so many opportunities have unfolded including becoming part of the Volcom family as a contributor to Volcomunity, the brands new online site.

The California brand is known throughout the world for its laid-back style, fashionable sportswear and have definitely carved a space on my denim shelf since Jennifer Herrema made my head snap with her denim debut last year. My fellow contributors on the site include Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty (and a featured blogger here also), Jennifer Herrema the ultimate rock chick (who if I ever need someone to have my back I’m calling her), The POSSO Girls who take DJ’ing to anotherl level, Austin Volcom Swimwear Hottie Chelsey Salisbury and the Volcom athletes, a group of surfer girls that endlessly enjoy life!

For me, this opportunity allows me to explore other areas of fashion and also be part of design meetings, marketing, photography and music. It is also an opportunity to share some of the other things in life I find important like people who are making a difference in the world. One of my first projects was shooting this behind the scenes video of Volcom’s Fall 2011 shoot which was fun and also I realized that Volcom has a huge European line which includes pieces we don’t have here in the States many of which are amazing!

I hope you will visit the VOLCOMunity site and learn to love my fellow bloggers there as well.

Volcom launches "VOLCOMunity" screen-capture-6.jpg