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Firs of all I want to say that I am OK. I don’t want to spoil anything but it looks like spring has finally arrived. Alleluia! Second I know this is my 5th review now but I have been wanting to mention my blog and invite you for a visit to I have been writing it for a year now, it focuses primarily on fashion and is my outlet for inspiration and creativity. I have been modelling for over 10 years and even though I love it I think blogging has given me so much more avenues to express myself. Today even I was invited to Vancouver Fashion Week. Sadly I can not attend. It is tax time in Canada, guess where I’ll be till the end of April (hint: it rhymes with fork)… and that would be day in and day out. Until that ends I will have to find my inspiration in shopping, which I am most definitely fine with.

For spring I will be looking into getting more color, and even though I generally stay away from it, it’s been around so much in the past couple of months I feel like I am being brain washed. What I tend to gravitate more towards is textures. My recent favourite (you guessed it!) leather, anything and everything leather is my best friend. I have been trying to experiment with feathers as well, and am still on the lookout for a fabulous feather skirt. When the jeans arrived last week I was excited to pull on this pair of Current/Elliot Skinny Crop In Mineral Python jeans. I am so used to plain blue or black that I forgot all about when I crushed on the grey. More specifically this was around the time when Ashley Simpson dyed her hair back to blonde and sang something abut your girlfriend (I just looked it up and the song is actually called boyfriend haha), but what I do remember was this pair of grey skinny jeans, for some reason I wanted mine with zippers on the sides.

Regardless, this soft heather grey seems to be a great compromise in respect to color, and what is great about this particular pair is the snake skin pattern. Personally I would like to see the texture even more prominent. I am a firm believer of ‘go big or go home’. They are not stretchy in case you were looking for that extra support and/or room, so keep in mind that these are truly skinny jeans, so no room for error. These babies you are just going to have to break in. Design wise these are for sure a safe style, there is no crazy stitching, the cut is as true to a skinny as can be.

I just checked out the Current/Elliot site and there are tons of amazing styles to chose from (my favorite for spring=the paperbag boyfriend) and to top it off their s/s 2011 model is a girl I lived with when I was modelling in New York. Crazy to see what we all end up doing. LOVE IT!

The Current/Elliot Skinny Crop In Mineral Python jeans reviewed here are available to buy online from for $198.

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