BlankNYC Fall 2011 Lookbook BLANKNYC-F-2011-01.jpg

OH! MY! GOD! Just check out BLANK‘s fabulous red and black vegan leather pants.They absolutely ROCK! And those deep gold suede flares. I’m totally in love! Not only are these pants just awesome, but they are also affordable, in the $150 price range. What a fantastic way for me to wear “bad girl” pants that are not simply jeans, but sexy, provoking leather pants! YESSSS to BLANK – of course, NYC!! Way to go,:-)

BlankNYC Fall 2011 Lookbook BLANKNYC-F-2011-21.jpg
BlankNYC Fall 2011 Lookbook BLANKNYC-F-2011-18.jpg

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  1. When is it available in stores?! I am completely obssessed with this pair of flares…

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