Cotte D'Armes Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook cda2campaign small-a.jpg

What called my attention to Cotte D’Armes at Coterie, was the unusual design of these jeans. First off, I was thrilled to see that Clarence Ruth, the designer of this brand, had created beautiful women’s jeans made of selvedge denim WITH stretch, which takes away a bit of the edge of those raw selvedge denims that seem to be the “dernier cri” for denim insiders. You know, these jeans should be worn for months without washing so they become your very own personal pair of broken-in jeans! And second, I was totally awed by the well excecuted and stylish women’s jeans, high waisted skinny, drop crotch and straight skinny, all of them in raw stretch selvedge without any hint of stonewashed or anyway treated. The men’s jeans are the traditional 5 pockets in skinny, straight leg and drop crotch, mostly in raw selvedge. Well, their lookbook is not very extensive, yet, but I can already see that this is a brand I will be following closely. Not very cheap, their jeans retail for $190 for the non-selvedge and $220 to $250 for the fashion styles and selvedge, but well worth the price to own something special like Cotte D’Armes.

Cotte D'Armes Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook cda1-mcampaign small-a.jpg

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