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Dajana Style – Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans

Dajana Style – Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans
Dajana Style - Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans  DSC_0095.jpg

Hey guys! My name is Dajana and this is my first review here on denimology. I am a fashion blogger who runs her own blog called Le Flassh. My first review will be for these amazing yellow Ksubi Kolors jeans.

First of all Ksubi is one of my favourite denim brands, so getting to review them first is pretty exciting. These yellow jeans are from their new colour collection; the jeans come in super fun colours such as red, green, yellow and blue. I got to style and review the super bright yellow pair.

When I first saw the jeans I thought, “Wow these are bright!” Normally my wardrobe consists of a lot of black, grey and white so I was pretty excited that these were so bright and fun, I definitely needed more colour in my closet.

The denim is really soft which is always an added bonus and they are extremely comfortable. I got these in a size 26 and they are almost the perfect fit. I say almost because the length is just a little bit too long for me, they do scrunch up a tad at the bottom and I think that if I got a size smaller I wouldn’t have had that problem so I’m not going to count that as a negative.

Besides the length everything else fits perfectly, they don’t sit too low on the hips so there are no accidental butt crack showings with these babies. 😉 The design of these is pretty simple which I love; I don’t like too much to be going on at the same time. It’s also great because it means you can dress these jeans up or you can wear them really casual, whatever suits you best.

I styled them with this black hole jumper from Nookie and my new favourite pair of ankle boots. Since the jeans are so bright and eye catching on their own I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple so the focus is mainly on the jeans.

Overall I think the jeans are amazing and ksubi just keeps getting better at what they do!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first review and I hope to be back here soon ☺

The Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans reviewed here will be available online from May 5th at General Pants in Australia and Net A Porter everywhere else.

Dajana Style - Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans  DSC_0111.jpg
Dajana Style - Ksubi Kolors Yellow Jeans  DSC_0114.JPG

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