Elle Macpherson In High-Waisted Flares Macpherson4.jpg

If I was a mother whose children went to the same school as Elle Macpherson’s and I regularly bumped into her doing the school run I think I couldn’t help but develop and inferiority complex. This supermodel and businesswoman makes dropping the kids off at school look like an outtake from a magazine photoshoot. Not only that but she is 48 years old! Yes I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I actually did a double take when I checked her date of birth (29 March 1963) in Wikipedia. I reckon personal trainers, plastic surgeons and therapists must be doing a booming trade in West London thanks to Elle. Oh yeah, and Elle is wearing some high-waisted flares, I have no idea what brand, but I couldn’t let that stop me posting these amazing pix, if you do know the brand then please let email me or leave a comment below.

Elle Macpherson In High-Waisted Flares Macpherson5.jpg

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