Fidelity Jeans Fall 2011 Women's Lookbook Fidelity W FS 2011-01.jpg

What I like about Fidelity jeans is that they are made of a heavier denim material, as Jessie had mentioned in her Summer 2011 review. I received some flare jeans from Fidelity and I must say that being at least a 12 ounce denim, they never went out of shape, contrary to what many people may think. These jeans are extremely comfortable. You can barely notice the stretch in them, and what I was most aware of was that the jeans didn’t get baggy around my knees after wearing them a couple of times. This is a big plus for the flares, which look awfully out of shape if they stretch too much. In this collection, my absolute fave is the red roller jeans, a subdued red, appropriate for fall and winter.

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