G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2011 Women's Lookbook 11202015_BBB_Show_11.jpg

Yesterday I passed by the G-Star showroom in NYC to say goodbye to their long time PR person, Michelle, who is leaving the company. I will miss her dearly – good luck, Michelle πŸ™‚

While I was there, I had a chance to check out G-Star’s new Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Among tons and tons of unbelievably beautifully tailored jeans, pants and skirts, those tapered blue jeans and shirt (shown above) REALLY caught my eye because of their unique blue hue. It’s a shade which is a mixture of royal and navy blue and kinda hard to describe. You have to see it. I also loved those tapered jeans with suspenders, and and and….. Yes, well, I do have a hard time deciding which pieces I love best ;-)!

G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2011 Women's Lookbook 11202015_BBB_Show_33.jpg
G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2011 Women's Lookbook 11202015_BBB_Show_32.jpg

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