Levi's Press Review and Lookbook Fall 2011 PHL_9778LevisFallEditorEvent033011PhillipAngert.jpg

Last week Levi’s promoted a press event in New York, where they presented their new Fall 2011 and Water Less collections. “Unfortunately”, I am in beautiful and sunny Rio de Janeiro right now, and I was not able to attend, (darn!) But here are some photos to give you an idea of how much fun I must have missed!

Besides their Fall 2011 collection, Levi’s also showed their Commuter Cycling Series for men, a highly functional assortment of purposefully designed pieces developed to serve the needs of the bicycle commuter. These jeans feature some very interesting details. They come with a utility waist band on the jeans (a 511 Skinny silhouette) – designed to facilitate u-lock storage. They also have 3M Reflectivity Details – a high level of visibility integrated into the inner cuffs of the jeans and on key details on the rear of the collection’s denim trucker jacket. The jeans are higher cut in the back – providing additional coverage when riding (and preventing cold air from getting in places where you don’t want it to!) And last but not least, they were showing some key pieces of their Filson collaboration. Filson is an amazing outdoor and hunting outfitter that has been around for years (they’re as storied as Levi’s is). It’s all “Made in the USA” and is really beautiful. Yep, once more, when Levi’s does something, it does it well! I can’t wait to see these pieces in the stores 🙂

Levi's Press Review and Lookbook Fall 2011 PHL_9681LevisFallEditorEvent033011PhillipAngert.jpg
Levi's Press Review and Lookbook Fall 2011 PHL_9776LevisFallEditorEvent033011PhillipAngert.jpg

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(Photos by Phillip Angert)